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You walk into an office and what is the first thing that happens? Hopefully, you are greeted and offered a refreshing cup of coffee, tea, or water and then offered a chair to sit in and wait until you are ready to be seen. It has happened to all of us, you are forced to sit down in an old or uncomfortable chair that is the only option in the reception area and wait to be called for the meeting.

Avoid putting your clients in this situation by providing guest seating chairs that are designed specifically for the comfort of your guests. This will lead to an improved experience for your visitors in the office.

Defining Guest Seating
You may think that guest seating is just another chair, no different from any other chair you buy online or at the store. While that is a common train of thought, it is not true. There are many different types of chairs for seating, all of which are designed for different purposes. For example, you’ve probably never been asked to sit in a computer chair when waiting in a reception area. This is because computer chairs are considered task chairs and are used for extended periods of time. Computer chairs are built to support extended use and business owners just don’t put this type of chair in reception areas.

Guest seating however, is only used for short periods of time. This type of seating serves a different purpose than other seating-type options and should be chosen for your guests’ comfort.

guestseating_propertiesProperties of Guest Seating
Guest seating is designed for comfort, aesthetics, and durability. Since different clients will be frequently coming and going on a regular basis, guest seating is designed to hold its shape and support through multiple uses by different people. They tend to be made of sturdy material to stand the test of time.

Unlike task seating that is not made for visual appeal, guest seating is designed with visual appeal kept in mind. Companies understandably want to offer their clients a seat that looks nice and professional and is made of of high quality materials. Guest seating is created with this standard as a main focus. You will find guest seating in all types of styles and looks so your office design can stay consistent and your guests impressed.

Guest seating is often made to offer extreme comfort and luxury to its user. While having proper arm and lumbar support, guest seating also tends to be plusher than other seating types. This offers additional comfort to the user for short time periods.

guestseating_seatingChoosing the Perfect Guest Seating for Your Office
Now that you understand what guest seating is and the different properties it has, you can start selecting specific pieces for your office. When choosing, you’ll want to consider your company’s industry, office style, and the features you want your guest seating to have.

If your company is in an industry focused on technology then you’ll most likely want to choose chairs that fit with that industry’s style. Your industry goes hand in hand with your office style when choosing seating, so if you are in a modern industry and your office is designed in the industrial or minimalist style then you aren’t going to want to choose conventional guest seating and vise versa. Choose guest seating that reflects your company culture and what your company provides.

In addition, look for specific features you want your guest seating chairs to have when selecting office chairs. Some guest seating options come with arm support while others do not, and some are covered in fabric while others are made of a mesh material. Find guest seating that has the style and features you want your clients to enjoy when they visit.

Guest seating is an important addition to your business and makes an impact on your client’s impression of you and your company. When choosing guest seating for your reception or office area, be sure to select chairs that fit your company’s culture and offers comfort, style, and durability.

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