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A desk is usually the largest piece of furniture in your office. Since this is the case, it’s important to carefully consider size and function when selecting your new desk.

Office desks come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors and can have an array of features depending on your needs. If you need more workspace, consider a U-shaped desk. If you are putting multiple desks in a small space, a standard desk may be more appropriate.

Regardless of what features your desk needs to have, the first step in ordering a desk is to measure your office area.

Map It Out

When measuring your office for a new desk, you’ll need to keep space planning in mind. Decide the position and placement of the desk based on what creates the most ample workspace and how the desk will fit into the room. Some options include a floating desk that sits in the middle of the room, a desk that is placed against a wall, or one that is secured into the corner.

1_02-measuringfordesk_measuretapeTo ensure perfect placement of the desk, map out your office. Start with measuring the length and width of your office. When measuring, take notice of all the features in your office including but not limited to windows, doorways, closets, and electrical outlets. Ordering a desk before taking the crucial step of mapping out your office could result in purchasing a desk that doesn’t fit in your office correctly. Graph your office features on a piece of graph paper using a ruler and tape measure.

When looking online for a desk, consider the largest measurements of the desk to ensure it will fit in the desired location. Next, graph your favorite desk location options on your office diagram to visualize how it will fit into your current space. Remember to consider other furniture and desired walkways when trying different desk placements in the office diagram.

Finding the Perfect Desk

When picking out a new desk, consider the measurements of different types of available desks. You may want a U-shaped desk for more workspace, but you may not have the needed space to accommodate the desk. If you are considering a bow-shaped desk, account for the fact that the middle protrudes further than on the sides. Leave room for desk features that will occupy extra space in your office walkways.

If you are placing two desks in a small area, straight desks may be your best option. If you place desks in rows, remember to leave enough space between to guarantee that someone can get up and walk away from the desk without disturbing the other person.

Measure for Doorways and Hallways

1_02-measuringfordesk_doorwaysWhat good is a new desk if you can’t get it into your office? Know the dimensions of the doorways before ordering your desk to ensure that it will fit. If you are ordering a pre-assembled desk, don’t forget to measure all stairs and hallways that the desk must go through to guarantee that it will be able to make the journey from the front door to the office space.

When buying a new desk, measuring your office space should always be the first step. Remember to not only measure and map out your office, but to also measure doorways and hallways to avoid problems when moving your desk.

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